Empty Orchestra is an American Musical Group from Flint, Michigan.

We are Empty Orchestra, and we are a community. We began in 2006, out of the remains of several different Michigan bands, as a recording project between friends.  We are made up of members of the Flint and Mid-Michigan independent music community. Our roots are in punk rock and our ambitions are for song creation without boundaries.  We’re inspired by experimenting with traditional American forms like folk, country, blues, and rock and/or roll.

“Empty Orchestra” is the literal English translation of the Japanese word “karaoke.”

We love making songs, we love playing songs, we love you. Thanks. This is fun.

We are legion:
Brandon Maniez – drum kit
Pamela Butler – piano, organ, flute, voice
John Duffy – guitars
Michelle Lukezic – bass, voice
Mark Michalik – drum kit, percussion, production
Vince Moreno – guitar
Lance Nelson – bass
Ryan Sublett – guitar, bass
Brandon Trammell – guitar, organ, bass, voice
Stephen Wisniewski – voice, guitars, banjo, words


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