Too Much News.

hi friends. we’ve clearly not been keeping up with the blog side of things, and now there’s too much. too much to say that we’ve already said in many other places, so i’ll just do my best to sum up, as well as maybe post some links and pretty pictures.

we have a new album. it’s out in the world, thanks to the good people at Pentimento Music Co. we love it, we hope you will too.

you can buy it here, along with some very nice extra trinkets:

people like No Depression are already saying nice things about it. check it out:

we also have a new video. we made it with the help of a lot of our friends, including the amazing creative team of Mike Berlucchi, Adam Pillon, and company. it’s for our song “The Audience,” and there’s blood.

we played a release show recently at our home-away-from-home, the Flint Local 432 with some truly incredible bands. the night was magical.

this is a video of one song from that night. we hope to do it again soon.
thank you all for your support.