of videorecodings, live performance, and Gainesville, Florida

a couple weeks ago, just as the Michigan weather was taking a turn into autumn, we filmed a video for a new song called “Broken Record” with our good friends Matt Barth.  we hung out in downtown Flint and pretended to play and sing in fields, burned-down buildings and not-burned-down buildings, and it was a lot of fun.  here’s a family portrait!
what’s next? fun in the sun.
we’re going to be joining literally hundreds of sweet bands in Gainesville, Florida this halloween weekend for The Fest 9. don’t know what that means? go HERE to find out, and consider picking up a plane ticket immediately.
if you can’t meet us in Florida, try Kalamazoo, Michigan — we’ll be playing with Lucero on 10/22, and we have the tickets to prove it. if you need one, just leave a comment.
happy trails!