a busy month

so yesterday, we spent the day in the studio with our old friend Marc Hudson, recording a brand new song for the forthcoming Flint Local 432 “Yestermorrow” benefit compilation. the song is called “Wish Me Luck,” and we’re all really excited about how it went down. maybe i’ll get around to posting lyrics or something soon, but in the meantime, you can check out the compilation project here.  here’s a couple studio shots, including one of Pam playing her new crazy-ass vintage upright accordion:

you can also likely hear it at one of our upcoming shows later this month — we’re playing Mt. Pleasant on 9/23 and Lansing on 9/24 (check out the links for all the ins and outs).
as if that weren’t enough, we’re shooting a new music video next weekend with our lovely and talented friend Matt Barth for “Broken Record,” the first song off our finished-but-still-not-sure-how-it’s-being-released new album.  look for a lot of gauzy, soft-focus shots to camouflage our mediocre looks.  except for John, he’s been growing a super sweet beard all summer and looks fantastic.


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