why the hell start a blog?  isn’t the world lousy with lousy blogs?

yes it is.

here’s the thing: i’ve always been pretty lazy and anxious about constant communication with people who like my band.  there’s no good reason for that beyond my own weirdness, but as a fan of lots of bands, i’ve also never personally been really interested in knowing about every single time they go to the bathroom or seeing a picture of my favorite guitar player throwing up metal horns at every rest stop on tour.  that’s just not interesting to me, so i won’t be doing it.

what i want to do with the blog, though, is to have a place where i/we can write up informal updates, give news, post interesting pictures (since lots of us are also photography enthusiasts), write manifestos, and just generally interact with people more than we normally do.  we still have our myspace page (which has become a little overgrown and neglected, like myspace itself), and we still have our facebook page (which is cool and useful and all, but honestly, facebook is kind of pain in the ass to administer and doesn’t really feel like “home”).

and we definitely still have our “official” web page.  but to be frank, i just don’t know how to work it good and stuff.  and i feel like posting an “official” news update and asking people to read through “official” mailing list messages is kind of formal and stressful.  the online store and all the other stuff that can’t or shouldn’t be done in blog form can still be found at the “real” website, but you’ll find that most EO goings-on will be thrown up here, and it’ll probably be more interesting anyway.

and even though this is a place where all of EO can and will participate, i’ll probably be doing a lot of the talking, at least initially.  hi, i’m stephen.  nice to meet you.

welcome to the EO blog.  feel free to talk back.